To assist you in "making authentic disciples" these courses are recommended...

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Delta is aimed at our whole Church family – who have already embarked on their journey of faith. It seeks to help all our people to grow in faith and make their Christian faith more relevant to their daily lives. While Alpha – the first letter of thee Greek alphabet, is about beginnings and starting out in the Christian faith, Delta (the fourth Greek letter) is used in mathematics, science and engineering to indicate incremental change or difference. We hope the Delta Course will help all our Church members to make some positive incremental changes to their faith and discipleship (how the follow Jesus) – and notice the difference!

Please click here to find out more about the Delta course on the St. Francis Church website.

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Please also refer to our recent Diocesan Lent Courses that can be run outside Lent as well!....

2015 - Building a Rule of Life

2016 - iWorship - the 5 Marks of Mission

2018 - Sharing God's life


As our dMAP SP3 commitment we are working with ARK Eastleigh and Fledge to empower each Parish with referrals on a Deanery-wide basis back to "ground level" to build relationships with those we help and believe in time this offers the most loving way to introduce them to Jesus
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SFFC - Safe Families for Children

Following presentations to Deanery Synod by Sir Peter Vardy and Chris Allcock we recommend providing befrienders to this initiative from each Parish throughout 2017.

Please use the following to make contact…

Read their Christmas update here

Following consultations with Sir Peter Vardy in 2015 / 16 Eastleigh Deanery commenced a process of “getting ready”…..

Read about the South Coast launch with Bishop Jonathan here
At our July Deanery Synod we heard about Fareshare. You can find out about their work to provide quality affordable food to charities and community groups here.
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